Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Lane Classic Motor Car Museum in Nashville

Rick found a very interesting museum in Nashville called the Lane Motor Museum! This remarkable auto museum focuses on unique cars from many areas of the world. Many of these represent breakthroughs in auto technology -- including some that did not go much farther than the breakthrough. 

We started our tour with this 1960 prototype motorhome. This was about 22' long and rode on very small wheels, as you can see. Amazingly, the power plant for this rig is the Corvair air cooled engine! This engine put out about 80 horse power, so this was not going to be a muscle rig by any stretch of the imagination. 

Here is one of the first minivans! It is a 1960 Fiat Multipla of about 21 hp! Seating 6 in only 180" long, you had to be really good friends with the rest of the passengers.

Orinda thought this E type Jaguar was more the ticket. One of the most stylish cars ever built, this mid 60's car still looked amazing. 

 Rick is ready for a drive in this Citroen C2V - one of the all time most popular cars. Offered with engines of 9 to 29hp, this 1,200 pound rig was not designed for crash safety!

Here is one Rick had read about, but never seen before. This is the Messerschmidt  KR200 car from the early 1950's. Seating 2 people in tandem, like a motorcycle, this 10hp car could go almost 60 mph. We were pretty sure we would not want to be in it going that fast!

We also had a surprise when we returned to the camp ground. Parked next to us was Gary Yamamoto, of professional bass fishing fame. He was involved in a bass tournament in the area and we enjoyed talking with him after he returned to the park. He pulled a large double stacked trailer with this rig which held a 21' bassboat (and trailer on top) and a truck on the bottom. Quite a rig!

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