Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Having Coach Service Work Done at Freightliner in Gaffney

We traveled to the Freightliner Customer Service Center in Gaffney, SC to have some service done on the coach. They can do anything on the chassis since they actually built it right down the road in the Freightliner factory. 

 Here is one of their chassis that we could take a close look at while our coach is in the service bay. These chassis are very impressive and it is fun to see exactly what is "under the covers" of our motorhome.
There is room for about 25 coaches in the parking area of Freightliner. They provide hookups and a dump station for folks in the service area which is ver convenient. Coupled with excellent customer service, this makes for a great visit.

We decided to take a very interesting plant tour at the Freightliner chassis factory. They build RV chassis as well as school bus and delivery van chassis in this location. We watched as the chassis emerged from raw steel to a full chassis as the large Diesel, transmission and all the components were added. At the end of the line, the engine was started and the chassis driven away.

 After our tour, we checked out Limestone College, located in downtown Gaffney. This private college was started in 1845 and continues to offer higher education today.

Of course, Orinda was ready for lunch, so we drove into nearby Spartanburg to the Beacon Drive in of Drive-ins, Diners, and Dives TV fame! 

It turns out the TV fame is richly deserved! This huge plate of food is the chili-cheeseburger with the "A-plenty" option which consists of fries and fried onions! We split this and still had way more than we could eat. All this, with iced tea, for about $10. Very cool!

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