Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Sioux Falls Corvette Club -- a cool meeting at the Fairgrounds

We were walking Cody around the Sioux Falls Fairgrounds when Rick heard a powerful engine followed by squealing tires. Of course, he had to go investigate this and joyous occasion -- a Corvette club autocross! Turns out the Sioux Falls Corvette Club was having a meet and we took some time to watch these powerful cars.

Here comes a Corvette Z06 (VERY powerful) as it blasts through the slalom area of the course. I think it was just a bit faster than our HHR dingy car!

This Vette is taking a sharp curve in the Fairgrounds parking area. What a nice area to set up a sports car course and how cool to be camping close by.

The local Chevy dealer was helping to sponsor the event and several of the Corvettes were parked on display. Orinda thought this yellow Z06 Vette was nice-- as it should be with over 500 hp.

There were all kinds of Corvettes in the autocross and on display. This classic Corvette was beautifully restored and featured a custom pearl paint job (looks at the license plate -- PURRL). Rick thought this would be a great car to tow behind the coach!

We even got to see the same Z06 Vette that we saw zipping around the track a bit earlier. It looks fast just sitting still. Pretty nice to see this newer Corvette after 57 years of Corvette production. A true classic.

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