Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Great Fourth of July in Cody Wyoming!

We visited Cody, WY for the great Fourth Celebration some 20 years ago and wanted to attend again to see if it was a great as we recalled. We parked near Main Street to get ready for the big parade and next door to us were these great Golden Retrievers -- very hungry for affection. What great dogs!
The parade started with this excellent, Western color-guard. Representing the Marines, these riders gave us a great preview to what was to come.

The parade started right at 1:30 and featured almost 200 different entries. Naturally, there were all kinds of western themed entrants, including these wonderful miniature pack horses that were very well trained and a delight to watch.

There were some very creative floats, including this group of skiers who were ready to go on the lift. Skiing is big around here, but not too much is done in early July!

Rick really liked the many old vehicles such as this early 1900's pick up truck. looked pretty functional, but I suspect that a modern F350 might out pull it.

Here is a classic Western transportation system, courtesy of Wells Fargo Bank. Well over 100 years ago, this stage and many others like it, traversed the west. Cody was served by several of these coaches bringing folks to the newly created Yellowstone Park.

Rick thought this late 1920's luxury car that was great. The car was in super shape and was the pinacle of high fashion 90 years ago.

Here is how the well-equipped farmer ran things 100 years ago. This distillate-powered tractor had been very well restored and easily chugged its way up Main Street.

These Cody Rodeo riders are real cowboys and helped keep the parade underway and the spectators on the sides of the street. These guys could really ride and the horses were magnificent.

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Looks like a great old fashioned parade.