Monday, July 26, 2010

The Academy of Model Aviation Museum in Muncie, IN

Time to head north from The Rally and venture into Indiana. We have had good luck staying at state fairgrounds and Indiana proved to be no exception. Indeed, this was the biggest fairgrounds we have yet seen.

Our site was a full hookup and worked out well. We initially planned to stop in Indianapolis and check out the home of the Indy 500 -- the Brickyard racetrack. Apparently, there is a great museum there, but when we arrived at the State Fair grounds, we learned there was a NASCAR event while we were there and it was hard to even get near the track. Time for the backup plan!

Fortunately, there seems to be no end to interesting things to see in Indiana. We traveled a short distance north to Muncie, IN and stopped by at the Academy of Model Aeronautics Museum and visitor center.

Rick has been flying radio control aircraft for over 35 years and is an AMA member which allowed us to get in for free. Plus, there was plenty of parking for the coach!

WOW! Look at the hundreds of model planes. These planes range from the 1920's up to the present and it was fun to see how they progressed.

The AMA has developed many small displays to show the state of the art in modeling at various times in history. This group shows a typical group of models in the 1940's.

Look UP says Orinda! This model plane, all 11 pounds of it, has actually flown across the Atlantic Ocean non-stop! Designed by Maynard Hill, this amazing achievement took place in 2003. Imagine a model flying accurately over the ocean and being landed by remote control.

Model aircraft have been used in many flight advancements. This model helped to prove the concept of carrying the space shuttle on a 747. Looked like fun to fly!

Of course, there are many great scale aircraft. This B-17 features 4 engines, retractable landing gear and other options. It is a great feeling to build a plane like this and then see it fly (and hopefully land safely!).

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