Thursday, July 22, 2010

Bowling Green KY - Corvette Mfg Plant and Museum

We continued our Corvette focus with a couple of unexpected finds in Bowling Green. First, we learned that Corvettes are built in the Bowling Green Assembly plant and that you can take tours. This looked like a great opportunity, so we decided to check it out.

Tours can be arranged via the Internet or in person and they can accommodate quite a few folks on the well-organized tour. There were four tours a day and there is a modest $7 per person fee that covers the hour long tour. Unfortunately, pictures are not allowed, so I cannot show you the actual tour, but it was excellent. We saw the Corvette construction from the frame up and learned the difference between all the various types. It was fun to watch the cars being built at each step of the assembly line and then finally get started up and prepared for delivery. Very impressive!

After seeing how these great cars are built, it was only natural that we would stop right across the street from the plant at the wonderful National Corvette Museum. Obviously, this was Orinda's lucky day as she could check out all the details of the Corvette past to present!

She actually did enjoy the museum as they had a wonderful collection of not only Corvettes, but also quite a bit of information on the people involved with this special car. There are also unique displays such as this frame and running gear shot.
This is an early, 1958 first generation Corvette that was beautiful. The Museum had all models of the Vette and it was fun to see how the car has evolved over the past 50+ years.

Rick enjoyed checking out the cars and the interesting engineering information that described the engines, transmissions, etc. There were also many period displays of ads and related materials.

Orinda is trying to learn about this modified Corvette. This was a part of the collection that featured one of a kind cars.

This supercharged Corvette had over 1,000 hp and must have been a real handful when driving. It was in mint condition, like all the cars here and was fun to take a look at. I would hate to pay the auto insurance on this one for a teenage son!

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