Monday, July 26, 2010

Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum in Auburn, IN

We traveled the short distance from Muncie, IN to Auburn, IN and visited the Auburn Cord Duesenburg Museum. Located in the original factory and administration building of the Auburn Automobile factory, this is perhaps the finest auto museum we had ever seen. Even the building, a beautiful art deco structure, is magnificent -- and the cars -- WOW!

These classic cars are literally home! E.L. Cord was the brilliant manager who developed a transportation empire made up of automotive, aircraft, shipbuilding and even taxi companies. Many of the cars his firms built are now seen as true classics and worth in the millions of dollars. This Duesenburg was one of the best cars in the world in the early 30's and was the fastest car available at the time.

This 1936 Cord looked like new. Featuring front wheel drive, it is a work of art that takes to the highway. Wish I could tow one of these behind our motorhome!

Here is another custom Duesenburg which reflect the ultimate in classic automobiles. These cars are perfectly restored -- although there are many in the 150 or so car collection that are fully original.

There are so many spectacular cars that you almost do not know where to start. Plus, they are displayed in the same fashion as they would have been for Cord dealers who would come to the factory to select new inventory. We felt as though we were transported back into the 1930's.

In addition to the Auburns and Cords, there were also many other amazing vehicles. This 1905 Baker is an early electric car and is ready to go for a spin today.

Here is a few of the many cars that were built in Indiana and featured on the second floor of the museum. Cars like Stutz, Studebaker and many more were all built in Indiana in the early 1900s.

I believe this is a 1920's McFarlan auto which was built in Indiana. I was amazed at the number of vehicle makers from this area (over 70 makers were from the state!)

This is a Crosley, also made in Indiana, and represents the minicar of the late 40's. Designed as a small, inexpensive car, it was very spartan featuring a 26 hp engine.

This is a bit more my style. Actually, this is a replica of the famed Auburn Boat Tailed Speedster and dates from the 90's. Talk about arriving in style!

This was one of Rick's favorites. An all original mid 30's Pierce Arrow. This car still shines like a jewel and looks like it just came off the showroom.

Of course, Indiana cars featured many famous cars, but Stutz must be near the top. A top luxury and performance car. Look at the chrome and finish on this car -- they simply do not build them like this anymore!

How about a supercharged Auburn? This classy car was built right here some 75 years ago. It still looks modern and up to date today.

Here is a Cord L29 in spectacular condition. Plan to spend several hours at this museum to learn not only about the cars, but also about the people behind the companies.

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