Saturday, September 5, 2009

The South Dakota National Guard Museum

I dropped Orinda off at the mall and did some exploring of Pierre on my own. I ran across the SD National Guard Museum just off the main drag and took a look.

This was another great surprise from the Pierre area. I had no idea what to expect, but was very surprised when I toured the facility. Outside, there are a number of exhibits from SD Guard unit operations that are in great condition.

This is what I need to tow behind the coach! The National Guard Museum traces the history of the SD Guard from the creation before the Mexican/American war. This was well before the Dakotas were admitted to the Union and actually, this early guard unit was from the Dakota Territory.

There are many, many great exhibts showing Guards troops from every era over the past 150 years. This fully restored Harley was used during WWII and was fully ready to go.

The Guard has served literally all over the world and consists of a number of units located throughout the state. This truck comes from the late WWII era.

The Museum also features information from the SD Air National Guard. Founded by the flying ace Joe Foss and others, the Air Guard is housed in Sioux Falls and was formed after WWII.

There was a section of the museum on Joe Foss, a native of SD. He was not only a great flyer (based on Guadalcanal with the Marines), and Medal of Honor winner, but he was a very active South Dakotan serving as its Governor, host of the TV show American Sportsman, and Commissioner of the American Football League. Wow -- what an incredible life.

The Guard Museum is a great place to learn about our citizen soldiers and the great contribution they have made to the state and country.


squawmama said...

Hi Rick, My husband would love this museum... Looks like you had fun while Orinda was at the mall.

Have Fun & Travel Safe!

Margie M. said...

Love museums, too. You guys have taken us to some very interesting ones. Thank You.

Margie M.