Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Lake Oahe --a "Great Lake of the Missouri"

Lake Oahe is located just north of Pierre and is the 4th largest reservoir in the USA, stretching some 231 miles up the Missouri. This huge lake with 2,250 miles of shoreline, actually reaches up to Bismark, ND!

The Lake is dammed up by the Oahe Dam, which was built in the late 40's and is one of the largest rolled-earth dams in the world. This view shows the water intake structure above the dam that leads water into the generating turbines. While hard to see in this picture, since the scale is so large, there are several boats trolling for salmon here near the dam.

The Dam is about 245' high and water behind the dam flows through the intake into the powerhouse and out through the turbines, generating electricity. The large cylinders behind me are the generating turbines and the amount of water flowing through them (and the current) is dramatic. Fishing below the dam is also popular and focuses on walleye.

Not to be outdone in the fishing department, there many while pelicans swimming looking for fish. These are large, beautiful birds and there were several hundred in the area. They spend the summer in South Dakota and then migrate south for the winter -- sounds like a great plan to me!

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squawmama said...

What great information and pictures... I really enjoyed it! You know when we were in SD last year we saw pelicans and I could hardly believe my eyes... Being from a coastal town in Florida I thought they only hung around coastal towns... ☺☺☺

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