Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sioux Falls to Forest City, IA

Cody, the talented Photo Dog, is checking out our site in the Sioux Falls Fairgrounds. Offering a full hookup at a reasonable price, we have spent several nights here while traveling though the area. The fairground is close to downtown Sioux Falls and it is easy to get to all the sights from here.

One of our fellow RV'ers had a very interesting rig. A fulltimer, he pulled his fifth wheel with a large tractor and carries a Smart car on the back! Cool! To load the car, he places ramps on the side of the truck and drives the car down.

This makes for a very interesting rig that offers great towing while retaining an easy to drive small car. Rver's are a very creative bunch!

We traveled to Forest City, IA to the Winnebago factory for some light repairs on the coach. While we were there, we made sure to drop by the Winnebago Visitor Center where we reviewed some of the historical Winnies. Here, Orinda checks out our possible new coach -- a 1967 Winnebago that sold new for about $6,700! The price is right -- but I think we will want to keep our Tour!

Winnebago now makes only motorhomes, but they started by making travel trailers like this 1959 model. Wow, we have really moved a long way from this very basic unit.

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