Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Amana Colonies -- great food!

Since we were going to the Des Moines, IA area, we had the chance to visit the Amana Colonies which we had heard about, but wanted to check out in person. Appropriately, the first place we stopped was the bakery!

Orinda strongly suggest the excellent pecan carmel roll -- a suggestion that Rick fully agrees with! The town of Amana is a great place to visit and is a wonderful place to stroll around the many shops and check out the interesting offerings.

I had recalled the devastating floods of 2008, but this posting made it much clearer. As you can see above, the flood waters crested many feet (I would guess about 15 to 18') above the normal water level. It is hard to imagine how much water would be needed to do this!

While we were exploring Amana, we found that a Pontiac collector car group was touring the area. Cool! These were some wonderful restored cars.

Look at this one -- a mid-50's Pontiac that is still one classy car today.

Of course, we were not just interested in old cars and bakeries. We were kind of surprised to find that there are several wineries in the area which were fun to check out. They usually also offered a selection of great cheese and other locally made snacks. A fun trip to Amana for sure.

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