Friday, August 12, 2011

On to the FMCA Rally in Madison, WI

We headed out from the Door County area toward Madison, WI to the FMCA Rally that we were going to attend. Of course, we were running in some rain and we happened to drive past a cheese factory -- which is irresistible to Rick. Fortunately, the extra sharp cheddar cheese made up for the rainy conditions that Orinda experienced!

Speaking of cheese, you can really tell that we are in Green Bay Packers territory! Even the local Walmart had a full supply of cheese heads which looked very becoming on Orinda. She is ready for the big game - no wonder they call this area one of high fashion!

Of course, cheese is not the only dairy product Wisconsin is noted for. We decided that this hot fudge sundae was the perfect lunch after our challenging drive in the rain. The only saving note on this is that we did share it - see the two spoons?

We finally ate our way to Madison, WI (which was only 150 miles from Door County) and arrived at the Family Motor Coach Rally. We had attended another FMCA rally a couple years ago and enjoyed it, so are looking forward to this one as well. Orinda is getting into the spirit of things as we head out to look at the coaches on display.

One of the great things about the FMCA Rally is that a large number of vendors are on site to work on things and answer questions. Rick loves this and gets a real kick out of learning about things on his coach. This is the Freightliner Chassis that is under our new coach and was very interesting to see up close. Rick was especially impressed with the 9.0l Cummins Diesel engine.

We also like to look at the various motorhomes on display. This year, we were interested to see the first Newell coach -- that was bought by Mr. L.K.Newell from the Streamline Trailer Company in 1967. Apparently, after he owned it a few weeks, he went back to the Streamline Company and suggested a number of improvements to the owner of the company. The owner did not seem to see the humor in these ideas and told Newell that "If you are so damn smart, why don't you buy the firm and do it yourself!" Interestingly, Newell did just that!

The Streamline Trailer coach was the luxury coach of the day and featured all the modern features, as you can see here.

Of course, Mr. Newell was as good as his word on developing new ideas and coaches. Here is one of his latest models - a spectacular 45' long luxury coach. Many consider these motorhomes to be the finest in the world.

Even the interior is a bit more refined than the 1967 model! These new Newells as truly spectacular and even offer combined front and REAR wheel steering so that the coach will turn in less than it's length. Amazing. Still, we are very happy with our Winnebago Tour!


Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

Cheese and sundaes, what a great combo. Enjoy the rally!

squawmama said...

Loved the cheesehead hat... Funny!!! Hope you have great fun at the FMCA rally!
Travel safe

ps... we have had our Horizon for 6 years and still love it too!!!