Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The National Railroad Museum in Green Bay - Con't.

The railroad had a number of interesting pieces including this GM built Train of the Future - the AeroTrain. Looks pretty futuristic for sure, especially for the mid 1050's.

We strolled out toward the depot, located behind Orinda, when we saw these Model A Fords parked behind our Buick. These cars were part of the Model A tour that had quite a few Model A's from all over touring the area. These were from Ohio and according to one of the drivers, they rode "pretty rough"! While Rick loved the old cars, he appreciated his Buick a bit more.

This is the car that we were able to ride on as the Diesel switch engine on the front of the car chugged along. This was lots of fun and we enjoyed riding on the open car and enjoy the great weather.

This is the oldest engine in the collection is #24. This 2-8-0 engine was built in 1910 and is 101 years old! Imagine the stories that this old timer could tell about the past.

Speaking of unique items, these tank cars are quite old (made in the 1920's) and actually made of wood. You can see the steel rods on the outside that supported the tank portion; but the most interesting item to Rick was that they carried vinegar from the Richter Vinegar Company in Manitowoc, WI.

Rick and Orinda are in the upper deck of a Union Pacific Dome car. Wow - this would be a great way to ride in style as you enjoy a beverage and a light snack!

Speaking of snacks, Orinda is enjoying a quick tour of the galley! While this is very well equipped, Orinda thought she would rather have her kitchen in the motorhome.


Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

More great train stuff:)

squawmama said...

WOW that really looks interesting ~ we love trains!
Have fun