Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The moods of Lake Michigan

We woke up the other morning and noticed that the wind was blowing pretty hard out of the west - probably about 20+mph. While this is not a dramatically hard wind, we were interested to find out what the waves on the lake might be, so went out to the Petoskey breakwater. Sure enough, the waves were crashing on it pretty good! In fact, they were spraying above the top of the walkway and Orinda was worried about getting soaked.

The waves were about 5 to 6' or better and were crashing into the rock and spraying the walkway quite effectively. We enjoyed walking along and dodging the spray, but were very glad we were not out in the lake on a boat.

We were impressed at the power of these waves and wondered how amazing this must be in a real storm. In fact, we saw some pictures of storms which broke totally OVER the breakwater. Wow.

The next day was totally calm and we tooled down to Charelvoix and enjoyed walking down to the harbor inlet. It was amazing to note the difference in the lake -- one day it was very rough and the next, calm as a millpond.

While we walked past the marina, we watched this very nice cruiser come in to dock. The Captain of this craft did a great job docking it a very tight space. It appeared that many boats were coming in, so space was at a premium.

Rick was especially interested in this racing sailboat. This is one of the boats that had raced from Port Huron to Mackinac City. This was a very serious racing boat that was heading back out to the big lake.

Speaking of sailing races, on our way back to Petoskey, Rick noticed these large sailboats racing across the lake. The wind had picked up and these boats were really moving.

We were quite a distance away and Rick used his 300mm lens to photograph these, so it is hard to determine the size, but they seemed quite large when compared to other boats on the water.

Rick was impressed with the spinnakers powering these boats downwind. These boats were the icing on the cake for our Lake Michigan day!

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