Saturday, August 6, 2011

Hallowed Ground -- Lambeau Field Home of the Packers!

We are staying in Kewaunee which is just a short trip away from Green Bay-- home of the Green Bay Packers! Of course, Rick was born not too far away in Neenah, WI, so we took a quick trip to check out the stadium and Rick's boyhood home.

The Green Bay Packers are the 2011 World Champs, after winning the Super Bowl last year. As a result, everyone has high hopes for a great 2012.

The Packers are a unique football franchise, since it is publicly held by stock holders (first chartered in 1923!). The stadium was refurbished in 2000 and is spectacular.

Today, Lambeau Field seats over 73,000 and tickets are hard to get -- which is pretty amazing considering the population of Green Bay is only 100,000. As you might expect folks are pretty excited about this season.

No trip here would be complete without a picture next to the Vince Lombardi statue. This legendary coach really launched the winning tradition in the "modern era" with a great string of victories in the 1960's. Rick has find memories of this time since famed quarterback Bart Starr came to a special Church dinner for youth and Rick got to meet him. He has been a staunch Packer fan ever since!

Close by, is the city of Neenah, so we had motored over to check it out. In years gone by, we could have taken this train to the Neenah station. Rick remembers taking the train (although a more modern one) as a kid to see his grandparents in Chicago.

This is the home where Rick lived as a kid, although there were no trees around back then (about 50 years ago!). The house looked pretty good and was just about how Rick recalled it.

This is another house that Rick recalls with great fondness in Neenah and is the home of his grandparents. Rick remembers coming to this house frequently and playing the back yard. Back then, the house was white, but otherwise, it looked the same. It was fun to come back to childhood haunts and see how things changed.

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Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

Great trip down memory lane. As I recently visited home, it is true that you can go home again, it is just not the same.