Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Rogers City and Cheboygan, MI

We took a road trip east from Petoskey, MI to Rogers City, about 40 miles away. Rogers City is located on Lake Huron and we were curious to take a look. Naturally, we cruised down to the city center and marina to see what was going on.

We have been experiencing some warm temperatures (in upper Michigan, that means in the high 80's), but here, it was very cool to say the least! A strong wind was blowing from the lake and Orinda was glad to have her jacket.

This is the entrance to the marina and is a man-made rock jetty. We have seen quite a few of these on the Great Lakes since there seem to be very few natural harbors. As a result, these manufactured harbors are very well designed and built.

Orinda made the walk out to the end of the jetty and the navigation light, although the waves were several feet high. Not surprisingly, there was no boat traffic today.

In fact, we were really surprised to see how empty the marina was. AS you can see, there were many open slips; I would guess at least 60% were not in use. This has been fairly common in many of the city marinas we have seen and we wondered where the boats were.

Further, the Lion's Club of Rogers City was holding a fishing tournament, but we saw very few entrants. Perhaps the weather was a problem with that.

Lake Huron is much smaller than Lake Superior, but it is still huge! In fact, Lake Huron is the fifth largest freshwater lake in the world. After leaving Rogers City, we headed north to the town of Cheboygan, about 25 miles away.

The Cheboygan River runs through town and empties into Lake Huron. We were especially interested in this city dock area that allows boats to tie up so folks can walk into the stores in town.

The river offers traditional marinas as well and there were some dandy boats around here. Orinda liked the boats, but after seeing the waves on the lakes, thinks she will stay in the motorhome.


Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

Somehow we missed that area on our trip, thanks for the tour.

squawmama said...

GREAT photos of the two of you!!!! Glad you're having a wonderful time.
Have fun & Travel safe