Saturday, July 16, 2011

Bay Harbor -- Just down the road from our RV Park

We decided to try walking a quick 18 holes of golf the other day -- all at the RV park. Of course, this is not quite a regulation course -- it is a 9 hole putting course located around the water features in the park.

This is a fun and beautiful little course and is located just a few feet from our coach, so even Orinda decided to try it.

Orinda gave it a good try, although with her vision problems, Rick helped her line up the putter and she could give it a whack. Fortunately, none of the balls found their way into the water hazard, but I think the LPGA is still safe.

After the golf, we headed down about 2 miles to the Bay Harbor area, a residential and marina development, although we went for breakfast a the local pancake house.

Wow -- just strolling down the street, what did we see but the Batmobile. We took a quick look around for the caped crusaders, but I guess they were already in the restaurant. Anyway, the car was in great shape and a real head turner.

Bay Harbor is a very upscale area that is beautiful. We especially enjoyed the harbor area that is right off Lake Michigan. The water is crystal clear and the weather is wonderful. The marina area offers full support for boats much like a nice RV park -- 50 amp service, water and pump out facility, The only difference between these nice cruisers and our motorhome is that the coach does not rock on the waves.

There are many large homes right on the water, some with large boathouses for the cruiser. This would certainly be a nice area to spend the summer.

There is also this large hotel right on the Lake that offered fabulous views. We enjoyed strolling along the sidewalk in front of the hotel watching over the lake. This is a very popular place with shopping, restaurants, and the like.

Orinda was curious about the temperature of the lake and stepped down to it -- and found out that even in mid July, it was COLD (look at her expression)! These big lakes are deep, cold and yet very beautiful.

The marina offered slips to all sizes of craft and we met several folks that were cruising through the lakes during the summer. It looked like they would be heading south for the winter, but right now, this is a great place to be.

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