Sunday, July 17, 2011

Petoskey Marina and Breakwater

The Petoskey, MI marina has been built using a breakwater that must be a 1/2 mile long to separate it from Lake Michigan. The Marina is right next to downtown and is adjacent to a beautiful park.

The marina is a beautiful spot with planters and some historical exhibits on the dock. This was all just completed in the last couple years and is a great addition to the area.

The main gate looks out over the Lake and breakwater. The weather continues to be beautiful which has been amazing -- high temperatures about 80 and lows in the upper 50's. Of course, in the winter, I think this might be a bit cooler!

There are quite a few slips available with some nice cruising boats in residence. The Marina offers full hookups and we saw quite a few boaters strolling around the park area.

This lifeboat was located on the marina dock and was built in 1922 for use with the Petoskey Cement cargo freighter. This boat was very basic and open, but was the only choice to use in heavy waves after your large ship was sinking.

This plaque shows the Petosky Cement ship that the lifeboat was from. The Petoskey Cement firm was involved with shipping cement product for a number of years.

The Bear River runs through Petoskey and then empties right in the marina area and forms the center of the park area surrounding the marina. There is a great walking path through the park that leads out to the breakwater.

The breakwater that separates the marina from Lake Michigan is a VERY long structure! We were able to stroll out the the very end, which as you can see, is a quite a way.

The breakwater widens into a very large structure and ends in a light station which guides boats into the marina. The walkway is a great place to take a walk feeling like you are right in the middle of Lake Michigan. Just a beautiful sight.

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We always enjoy walking the docks and eying the boats. Thanks for sharing.