Friday, July 22, 2011

The Charlevoix Classic Car Show at the Marina!

The city of Charlevoix, just south of Petoskey, seems to hold a number of special events and festivals. Many of these are held in the beautiful park area next to the marina and the Classic Car show was no exception.

As you can see behind this great early 60's Lincoln convertible is the marina. This is very cool -- nice cars and nice boats!

There were too many cars entered to fit in the large park area, so many of them are parked on the streets of Charlevoix. This 1937 Cadillac La Salle convertible was spectacular and has been owned by the same person for the last 51 years. Wow - what a cool car.

This 1934 Packard was also a wonderful car to see. Rick is very impressed with this one. This car looked like it had just come from the showroom and we really appreciate the hard work that it must take to restore it and to share it with folks like us.

We really like our Buick LaCrosse, so it was natural that we liked this 1938 Buick. Again, this car was perfect with an engine that looked brand new.

There were also hotrods and other recent cars, but Orinda liked the classics and there were plenty of those at the show. Speaking of Buick, here is a pristine 1931 Buick. It is interesting to see the major differences between this 1931 and the much more modern looking 1938 above. Quite a bit of change in just 7 years!

While we were looking at the cars, this cruiser idled by on its way to Lake Michigan. What a beautiful venue for a car show or just a nice stroll around the park and water.

Orinda liked this modified Ford roadster. The streets of Charlevoix are very picturesque and it is a pleasure to walk around this small town. They have done a great job in welcoming visitors.

Rick really enjoyed this -- a 1967 Mustang, very similar to the one he had in college. Hard to believe the car is that old (Rick can't be that old -- can he?). A great day checking out the cars and boats in Charlevoix.


squawmama said...

Great photos of GREAT cars,,, oh and you guys looked great too!!! LOL
Have fun & Travel safe

Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

That is my kind of combo-old cars and boats!