Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Fort Stevens Memorial Rose Garden

 Fort Stevens is located on the mouth of the Columbia River and was established during the Civil War period for coast defense. We took a very interesting tour of the Fort, which we will report on next, but there is also a wonderful rose garden that caught Orinda's fancy.

There is an incredible variety of roses in the garden that were almost all in bloom during our visit. 

 The rose garden has been a part of the Fort for quite a while and offers roses of many different types and varieties.

Orinda loved the different roses and seemed a bit more interested in them than the rest of the fort (imagine that!). Anyway, the roses were very nice to look at. 

Unfortunately, we are not rose experts, so rather than try to describe these, we will just allow the photos to speak for themselves.

We loved the rose garden at the Fort and looked forward to exploring the rest of this historic area.

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