Saturday, August 18, 2012

Old Trail Town in Cody, WY

Old Trail Town in Cody, WY is located at the site of the original town site of Cody, WY as founded by Buffalo Bill in 1895. In 1967, Bill Edgar, a resident of the area, started collecting actual buildings of the old west.

 Today, there are 26 buildings and over 100 wagons that have been painstakingly collected and assembled here. Most of the buildings were taken apart log by log, moved and re-assembled.

 Today, Old Trail Town is a real old west town -- with the real buildings and feelings that go with it. Each building is furnished as it was in the period.

 This was a nice one room cabin that was built in the 1890 period. Imagine spending a REAL cold winter by yourself here.

 The buildings are arranged in a typical town formation around the "Main Street" of the town. It was easy to imagine these wagons full of folks and materials as the ranchers came to town for suppliers.

 Of course, no town would be complete without a school and Old Trail Town is no exception. This was called the Coffin School - so called because the original resident cut his foot with an ax and died of infection. The school was then set up after his passing.

 The town also featured an actual store from the late 1890's. This was the Walmart of the era, with everything you could want.

 Naturally, this was the real, wild west and outlaws played a part. In fact, this very cabin was one of the home cabins of the famous Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid outlaw group from the nearby Hole in the Wall.

 This famous picture that is in the cabin shows Butch (sitting on extreme right) and the Sundance Kid sitting on the extreme right), along with the rest of the Hole In The Wall Gang.

 Here is another cabin used by Kid Curry and the Sundance Kid in 1897 before they attempted a robbery in Red Lodge, Montana.

 Rick got a great kick out of being in the actual cabin these famous outlaws used. Although, for all the fame, these were pretty Spartan accommodations, as the regular citizens did not see the humor in the outlaw's activity.

This was the best appointed cabin in the town and was the residence of a cattle rancher. While plush for the day, Rick thought he would still prefer his motorhome. Old Trail Town was a great place to visit and much more interesting than Rick first expected. Well worth the trip!

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