Thursday, August 16, 2012

On the Way to Cody, Wyoming

 We exited the Yellowstone Park using the east gate and headed toward Cody, WY. As we neared Cody, we passed Buffalo Bill Lake, which is formed by the Buffalo Bill Dam, which holds back the Shoshone River.

 As we drove by the site of the dam, we made a note to be sure to come back and visit it the next day. Here, you can just see the dam on the right and the 3/4 mile long tunnel we would pass through to get to Cody.

 Cody is located at the edge of the mountains and was founded by none other than Buffalo Bill himself in 1895. The views from the town are just amazing.

 Needless to say, "The Scout", Buffalo Bill Cody is a main focus of the town, which is appropriate given his amazing life as buffalo hunter, Army scout, showman and business man.

Not surprisingly, outdoor activities are a main focus of life in Cody. This included the Foundation of North American Wild Sheep headquarters and an remarkable sculpture of the largest wild sheep ever taken. 

 This is the Chadwick Ram, the largest ram ever taken by a hunter, in 1938 up in British Columbia. Taken by Lee Chadwick, the horns on this ram measured over 50" on each side - which were very impressive on this life-size replica.

 Downtown Cody is a fun place to stroll and do a bit of shopping. Orinda Had to stop, however and check out this white buffalo which shared the sidewalk with her.
A focal point of main street is the Irma Hotel -- built by none other than Buffalo Bill in 1902 who kept an office in the hotel for conducting business. This really helps you connect with the past -- which is never far away in Cody, Wyoming!

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