Friday, June 22, 2012

Visiting San Francisco and Fisherman's Wharf

 We were camped about 30 miles north of San Francisco and decided to run into the city and see the sights. Our route took us over the famous Golden Gate Bridge and then into the city. Naturally, we had heavy fog as we approached the bridge, but the sight was still amazing. We were delighted to be able to cross the bridge during it's 75th anniversary and thought about how they built this bridge in only 4 years.

 Driving into the city, we passed many remarkable houses and wondered how much they would cost. Bet it would be plenty since they were surprisingly close to the city center.

 Fisherman's Wharf is an interesting place and has served several roles over the years. First, this is where the fishermen docked and sold their catch starting in the Goldrush days. 

We noticed immediately that this was still the case today with a variety of vendors offering all kinds of seafood for your selection.

The most famous offering must be the Dungeness Crab. We watched this chef prepare the crab for the lunch rush and decided we had better return to sample it later on.

 The Wharf also serves as a ferry terminal and several boats were running while we were there. Passenger ferries are still important to visitors to San Francisco.

 Also located at the Wharf is the Maritime Park museum hosting the USS Pampanito, a WWII submarine that offers tours. Orinda was not too interested in touring yet another submarine, so we passed on that opportunity (but did go to the   San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park next door.)
 We could also get a great view of the notorious Alcatraz Island Prison, located about 1.5 miles out into the bay. Used from 1933 until 1963, the prison is certainly a foreboding sight and we were mighty glad we did not have to stay there!

It was pretty cold on the Wharf (about 55 degrees) and with the fog, Orinda decided a cup of coffee was needed. Fortunately, we saw the Boudin Bakery, located right on the Wharf. We went in and could not believe the different breads that were available. 
 There is every kind of bread available and all baked right here, this morning! The place smelled fantastic with the baking bread and coffee.

 Orinda was in her glory,with a hot coffee, fresh-baked sourdough bread and a cookie! This seemed to be her kind of place. We had a great time visiting the Wharf and looked forward to visiting the Maritime Museum and the rest of the city.

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