Saturday, June 2, 2012

Oh Boy -- A Railroad Museum!!

 While we were at the 45th infantry Museum, we noticed that the Oklahoma Railway Museum was just down the road! Oklahoma City has created a very interesting concept by trying to locate a number of museums, the Zoo, and more in one part of the city. As a result, you can easily visit more than one location. Rick, of course, was delighted and thought this ALCO Diesel engine block was very interesting!

 The museum is run by a group of volunteers and had a surprising number of engines, cars and other displays. Most of these are in running condition and you are allowed to get right next to the cars to get a good look.

 This old steam engine, however, looked to be for display only, but was still very interesting.

 The best part of the museum was the fact that we got to enjoy the grandkid's reaction. Caleb was very eager to check out all the equipment, especially when he learned you could actually get on some of the cars, such as this hand car!

 Abigail was happy to be with Orinda, but did not care too much about the trains. Still, it was great to get up close to these massive machines.

 This 1955 Alco engine is in great shape is being made operational for the future. The Museum provides rides to kids in the area and this engine might be able to be used for that.

 Here was a surprise! In one of the rail cars, there was this great HO model railroad layout which was running. We all loved the models, even Abigail.

Rick and Caleb really liked the model layout. Caleb said that he really needed a train set like this!

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squawmama said...

What a fun day with the GRANDS ~ we love trains also!
Have fun & Travel safe