Sunday, June 3, 2012

A Great Visit to the Oklahoma Museum of Natural History

 Our last museum visit was perhaps the best as we toured the Sam Noble Museum of Natural History on the University of Oklahoma campus in Norman, OK. This was a remarkable museum and one that the grandkids, especially Caleb were really excited about. As we entered, the dinosaur head at the top of the photo kind of set the stage -- Caleb was delighted!

 This museum focuses on dinosaurs, but has all kinds of exhibits. Including this great display of small skeletons, which sure hit the sweet spot for 4 year old Caleb. How absolutely cool!

 Abigail was interested, but not overjoyed at the dinosaurs. she decided that she was just as happy to be with grandma -- which was just fine for Grandma Orinda.

 These dinosaurs are huge! This is the actual thigh bone of the mighty   tyrannosaurus  rex which is Caleb's favorite dinosaur. This fossil was actually found in Oklahoma and gives us a great idea how big this critter really was!

 In addition to the dinosaurs, there are many other fossils including this armored fish that was about 10 feet long. Great Grandpa is a big fisherman and would have liked to hook this fellow, but I would hate to see this rascal coming after my lure.

 This triceratops skeleton was huge and you can see how happy Caleb is to be with his dad at the dinosaur museum. He liked this even more than the railroad museum.
 In the center of the museum is this life-sized mastodon which the kids loved. Made of bronze, we were surprised to see how large this guy was.

 Abigail gives us a perspective of the size of the mastodon. We were glad this was only a statue and not a real live prehistoric elephant. We all found it interesting to be able to see how large these animals really were.

Our final stop in the museum was the kids room where you could touch and hold re-creations of many of the smaller ancient animals that we saw in fossil form. Here, Orinda holds a snail made of life-like rubber and is not too excited about it. Abigail is reserving judgement and decided she would just as soon watch.

This is a wonderful museum and wrapped up our museum tours of the Oklahoma City area. Well worth the short drive down to Norman from OKC.

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