Monday, September 5, 2011

A Storm in Gillette and the Dog Agility Trials

The weather on the high plains of Wyoming is a bit unpredictable as we were reminded one evening. After a hot day, this front blew through in impressive fashion. Here, Orinda is ready to go back to the coach as the wind and clouds move in.

The clouds were very interesting  and we could see the heavy weather coming. When the lightning started in the distance, we figured it was high time to get in the coach. One thing we have routinely done in these sorts of weather events is to pull the slides in which protects the slide topper awnings. It only take a minute and tucks the coach into high wind mode.

It was really interesting to watch this front come in from the northwest. As you can see in this shot, the front was clearly visible as it moved into the clear air to the south. We ended up getting pretty high winds (60 mph) and quite a bit of rain, but no tornado activity (which was exactly what the weather radio forecast). 

We stayed in Gillette for a few days after the rally to be sure and have a spot over Labor Day. While there, we learned that a dog agility trial was being held in the Cam-plex facility so went over to take a look. We had a great time watching all sizes of dogs zip around the course. This papillon was eager to get going and really blazed around the course.

Each dog size had their own jump height to even the field and while the handlers were able to review the course in advance, the dogs did not. As a result, the key to success was a dog/handler team that could communicate effectively. It was amazing to watch dogs, such as this shepherd, respond to voice commands to turn left, right or go straight while running full out.

This fellow was one of our favorites and approached the course with vigor. He seemed to really enjoy the trial and could not wait to get started.

Wow - look at the height this guy gets going over the jump, it looks like he clears it by tow body heights. As you might expect, he literally flew around the course and was one of the winners. 

Here he is in stationary pose getting well deserved praise after the run. It was a lot of fun to watch the dogs and handlers in this event. We learned that the national championships are also held here during some years, so the folks in the area really work hard to get their dogs ready.


Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

Some scary looking clouds. We also push in all the slides in heavy weather.

squawmama said...

Really scary skies ~ I'd a been scared too!!!
Have fun & Travel safely!