Thursday, September 1, 2011

Cool Nights at Deadwood, SD

We left Pierre and headed to Deadwood, SD in the Black Hills. Before we left, however, we retracted our door awning and all of a sudden there was a BAM then the awning shot out to the extended position. Looks like the motor failed and the spring loaded arms took over. Since we could not drive with 3' of awning sticking out, Rick removed the awning and stored it. We hope to get it repaired in Gillette, WY a bit later on.

We did not realize that Deadwood was hosting a huge classic car show called Cool Deadwood Nights until we got into town (we stayed in nearby Spearfish). Rick, however was delighted to see all the cars so we had to take a close look.

How about this 1960 Chevy? Rick is very pleased with this and all the cars. The workmanship on these are amazing spoke volumes about the effort that goes into a restoration.

Here is one of Rick's vintage -- an early 50's Chevy in perfect condition. There were literally thousands of vintage cars on display and just cruising around the streets of Deadwood.

Orinda thought this Chevelle looked pretty nice and reminded her of her college days. She still would look pretty sharp in this classic!

The main street of Deadwood was closed to accommodate a concert which was a bit later in the day. Orinda was amazed at the number of chairs folks had already set up to hold their place for the concert later on. There were thousands of chairs already set up covering several blocks of Main Street.

Of course, Deadwood is best know for it's rowdy frontier days and we can still see evidence of this today. Right next to the concert stage is this site where Wild Bill Hickok was shot in 1876. I wonder what he would have thought of all the commotion going on today?

Heading back to our trusty Buick, we saw many more cool cars, including this mild hot rod of a Ford Model A. We liked how the car continued the original look, however it was anything but original under the hood with a large V8 engine.

Here was Rick's favorite -- a classic Plymouth Roadrunner in that great bilious green color. They sure don't make them like that anymore!

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Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

I know of at least two other door awnings that have done that on winnies. I think about it every time I push the button.

Hope you can get it repaired quickly.