Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Arches National Park - What an Amazing Place

 Arches National Park is located just a couple miles north of Moab, UT and just to the east of Canyonlands Park, yet the differences between them are dramatic. Arches, of course, features a number of stone arches, but offers much more in remarkable stone formations like this.

 Orinda was really impressed with the balancing rocks that we saw all over the park, such as these. Apparently, the soil below the rocks erodes away,leaving the rock balanced above.

 Rock towers such as these were throughout the park. We were surprised at the way the rocks stood by themselves - the Canyonlands rock formations seemed to be shoulder to shoulder with others.

 As we drove into the park, we saw more of the balanced rocks which made for almost an alien environment. This is the sort of park that new views pop out around each turn.

 About halfway into the park, we saw the first arches. These solid stone arches are eroded over many, many years, to create the arch form. The park features more natural arches than any other place on earth.

 This is the most famous balanced rock in the park. The rock is huge and it is hard to believe that it is 55' high making for a total height of 128'. Not surprisingly, this is one of the most popular features in the park.

 Close to balanced rock, we saw this rock column and at second glance, we saw rock climbers scaling the face. Look closely and you can see one person in blue near the bottom and another on the top right of the column. While it was interesting to watch, Orinda was not too excited about trying to climb it.

 Rick was impressed with this large arch in the "Windows" area of the park. This arch is huge (it is about 1/2 mile away) with the sandstone being worn down over the years. Rick was also really happy that the weather was perfect! He was here a few years ago in the summer and WOW was it hot!

 This is Double Arch which is shaped like a tripod. This is a huge formation and I wonder how long it took to create this remarkable shape.

 Another famous arch is Delicate Arch - so named for its delicate look. However, this is no small arch formation -- indeed, you can get an idea as to the size by looking at the person in blue next to the rock on the right of the arch. This arch is over 50' high and is unique for its isolated presence.

 Arches are found throughout the park and each one is different. This is another huge arch located near the back of the park. We really enjoyed our visit to the park and the amazing rock formations inside. If you are ever in the southern Utah area, Arches and Canyonlands are a must visit.

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Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

Really great pictures. Makes me sorry we skipped it last summer due to the heat.