Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Day/Night blinds Frustrate Rick for the Last Time!

Our coach came equipped with the common "Day/Night" shades that are made of fabric and a heavy cardboard type material. The shades certainly serve there purpose, but have a real tendency to break the internal strings that control them. Rick has become pretty good at re-stringing these, but it is certainly a pain and they tend to be frustrating to use. These shades have been removed and ready to go into storage.

As a result, when another blind jammed and needed to be re-built, Rick decided to investigate alternatives. A trip to the local Lowe's store uncovered these Levolor "Cut to fit" pleated blinds which were available in a tan color and in a room darkening variety. We decided to get a couple and see how they worked.

We took our measurements to Lowe's and they were able to cut the length of the blind to our exact size (and at no extra cost). These blinds use a very smooth, cordless lift system that is a vast improvement over the original Day/Night shades. Not only do they work well, but they were very easy to install!

To operate them, we just pull them down as normal and they move down very smoothly with little effort. To lift them up, simply press the button shown above and they gently retract. Wow -- this is great! One hand operation is very easy to do and it is great to easily lift the shades up and down.

The final benefit from the shades is that they provide excellent insulation against heat and the sun. We were amazed at the difference between these shades and the originals in keeping heat out of the coach. The cost of the blinds varied by size, but a 30" wide by 72" long cost about $45 -- not bad at all.

All in all, a very worth while upgrade!


Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

That looks and sounds great. We just had to restring yet another of the original blinds a week or so ago.

Next time, I am going to look into these.


teacher1230_1 said...

Hi....I love the look of your new levolor blinds. I have a question regarding them as opposed to the day/night blinds. I"m looking to change from the day/night blinds too but with your levolor blinds do they rattle around when you're driving down the road since they're not secured with a string from the top to bottom??


Rick and Orinda said...

We had no problems with noise and thought these were quieter than the originals. This was one of the best upgrades we did to the coach.