Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The 547 Squadron Threat Yard at Nellis AF Base -- WOW!

We traveled to Las Vegas, NV to visit our son, George, who, as a Captain in the Air Force, is attending a training class at Nellis Air Force Base in the area.

One of the amazing things at Nellis is the Threat Yard -- also known as the Petting Zoo -- which contains weapons systems from eastern block countries. This is a "hands-on" museum where you can actually touch and examine potential enemy's weapons systems. Here, George and Rick check out AK 47 variants.

This Mig 23 was available for Rick to "try on". The systems in this recent fighter while effective, were very crude by comparison with our systems. It was amazing to actually sit in the cockpit where Russian pilots sat not many years before.

Orinda thought this was great -- but likely because she could spend some time with her son!

This Gillie suit was just her size -- although I do not think she was really excited about wearing it.

George also tried on a couple fighters for size. This one seemed to fit just fine.

The Petting Zoo is not limited to just aircraft. Many tanks and armored vehicles are included. I believe this was a T-33 Soviet Tank. While impressive, we were very glad we did not have to ride in it -- very primitive.

This T-80 is a recent addition and was used in the Iraq conflict. While much improved over the T-34, we decided that we prefer the Air Force over the ground forces!

This is the famous Russian Hind helicopter and was huge! Used extensively by the Russians, this was a remarkable chopper. Still, the systems were very crude, but effective. Rick is ready to lift off and ready to go!

George was shocked at the small confines in this armored personnel carrier which was built by the Russians. Imagine riding with a large number of soldiers carrying full gear and weapons in this one!

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We have stayed at the base three times while our daughter was stationed there. Somehow we did not know about this. :(