Thursday, September 23, 2010

Cedar Breaks National Monument - A HIGH Mountain Experience!

We took another side trip about 20 miles outside of Cedar City, UT to the Cedar Breaks National Monument. Frankly, we did not know what to expect, but decided to check it out -- and we were very pleasantly surprised!

The Breaks are a large area of eroded land that is in amazing canyons, crevasses and plateaus. Add this to the remarkable coloring and you have a spectacular view.

The breaks are at an altitude of over 10,000 feet as you can see on the GPS. This elevation allowed a dramatic change in weather -- we left Cedar City (it is at about 5,800') in sun and warm temperatures. At the breaks, we experienced sun -- and sleet! Wow -- big difference.

This is an amazing sight to see and we spent a couple of interesting hours looking this area over.

This picture was taken from the Visitor Center (they had the wood stove burning for heat -- and it felt good!) . The canyon must be a couple thousand feet deep and was filled with interesting shapes resulting from erosion.

Orinda is checking out the Visitor Center observation area and you can get an idea as to the large area that the breaks covers. She doesn't look cold, but she is pretty frozen about now!

Rick is much better prepared for the weather -- I guess he should offer the jacket to Orinda (he did!), but she wanted to return to the car.

Here is another area of the breaks. Notice the spire-shaped areas in the bottom of the canyons which were hundreds of feet high.

Rick is enjoying the sudden sun and warmth that followed. The weather literally changed every couple minutes here and was a very interesting experience. This smaller National Monument is a great place to visit and we are very happy we took it in!

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