Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Wooden Boat Foundation and Fort Worden

Port Townsend is the home to the Wooden Boat Foundation and a thriving group of wood boat enthusiasts. As a result, there are all kinds of beautiful wooden boats -- both new and old.

One really interesting firm that is in the area is the Pygmy Boat company. This firm produces amazing kayaks and canoes out of wood that are available in kit form. You can get an idea as to the high quality of these boats from the picture above. Amazingly, these boats only weigh from 35 to 45 pounds!
Cody and Orinda wanted to check out the other wooden boats moored at the docks. There was quite a variety of boats ranging from sail to power and everything else.

The picture really does not do justice to the high quality of these boats. I suspect that back "in the day", these wooden, working boats did not come near to the beauty of these.

Located a few blocks directly north of Port Townsend was Fort Worden, a coastal defense installation. From 1902 to 1953, the Fort served as a main point of defense for shipping in the Puget Sound area. The Fort housed quite a few service men and is in amazing condition, with all the buildings now under control of the Washington State Parks organization.

Orinda shows us some of the munitions that were used in the Fort over the 50 years that it was active. The base museum is a wonderful look into the past of the Army and the surrounding area.

Here, Cody and Rick show one of the gun emplacements standing watch over the water approaches. This gu was fired 16 times over a period of 26 years -- less than once a year!

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