Saturday, August 8, 2009

Port Townsend has a real, working marina and boat yard that Cody loved to explore. There were all kinds of vessels here, from the small to the very large.

The marina has three Travel-lifts that can lift and transport boats up to 300 tons! This is the baby Travel lift that hoisted this 35' sailboat up like it was nothing. The owner was going to clean and paint the hull.

You can get an idea as to the boats that were in repair from this small sample. There were a number of classic, wood boats that were being restored to mint condition. Naturally, Rick thought this was great, given his interest in wood working.

Here is a sample of a beautiful craft (about 55') that has been restored. This is a wood hull that is coated in clear epoxy and was just amazing.

Orinda even found this interesting and you can see Cody was in his element. Our big focus was to keep the dog OUT of the water!

This shows about 20% of the harbor area and you can get a good idea as to the number of boats docked here. The water was also crystal clear and beautiful. Plus, since this is right in downtown Port Townsend, there is quite a bit to do. A great stop!

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