Thursday, August 13, 2009

We visited Glacier Park in northern Montana and had a great time. The scenery is amazing -- in fact, as one person I talked said, "It is so spectacular, it seems like it should be fake!" -- but it is not.

Here is Lake MacDonald which you pass if you enter the park from the western side. A very deep lake, it is several miles long.

Orinda and Cody are duly impressed by the lake shore. The lake is crystal clear and beautiful.

We passed the Lake and continued on the famous Going to the Sun Road. This road, completed in 1932, seems to hang in space off the side of the mountains.

You can see from this typical shot that there is no guardrail between you and the great beyond. Sometimes, there is a low, rock wall, but it looks REAL low when driving. Glad we were in the HHR which is small and easy to maneuver.

Of course, if it is summer, there is construction! There were several spots where the road was one lane (using a flagger to control traffic). You can see how close the lanes are to the edge of the mountain and the solid rock wall. Needless to say, large vehicles (over 21' long) are prohibited.

There was one wonderful view after another . If you look closely, you can see the road cutting across the mountain face (the white line to the right side). This is a drive to remember!

On the eastern side of the park is Lake St. Mary which is fed by glacial runoff. Another large lake, this one offers wonderful views as the mountains drop right to the edge of the lake.

Cody was thrilled with the ride and the lake, as you can see. He is a real trouper and loves to come in the car. As a result, he gets to go with us quite a bit, which works out great.

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