Wednesday, April 16, 2008

To the Mighty 8th Air Force Museum 4-16-08

We left Hanna Park in Jacksonville, FL and traveled about 4 hours up toward Savannah, GA to stop at the "Mighty Eighth" Air Force Museum. There was plenty of construction on I95, but we made it with no problems and the coach performed very well in spite of the heavy cross winds. The museum is certainly worth a stop and is very well done. I learned that the 8th Air Force was originally created in Savannah (hence the location of the museum) and then transfered to England. This was the air force that did much of the heavy bombing of Germany with B-17s and B-24s. There were also many fighter aircraft assigned to the force. At the peak of the war, over 3,000 aircraft a day attacked Germany.

These pictures show just a small part of the many interesting exhibits at the museum. The $10 cost (each) was well worth it and if you are traveling near Savannah, be sure to stop and take it in.


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