Tuesday, April 29, 2008

On the road to Iowa!

The Cummins folks finished the coach yesterday at about 6:00pm (they are open until midnight!) and I gratefully "camped" again in their parking lot. Works well with the 30 amp electric service. On the night I arrived, at about 1:00 am, all of a sudden there was all kinds of noise and lights next to my coach. I looked out the window to see another coach getting towed into the lot! Turns out he lost the cooling fan on the engine on the road (it literally came off), -- that must have been exciting.

Anyway, I realized that I would have the day to wait for the coach to get fixed and decided to go up to the Air Force Museum in Dayton (about 30 miles). I found a kennel to board Cody very close to the Cummins place and that worked out very well!

There are thousands of aircraft and artifacts to see and there is no charge for admission. This is easily one of the best museums I have ever been at. I have included some pictures of historical bombers -- an Italian Caproni from WWI, a B29 from WWII and a B36 from the Cold War. Amazing progress in only 30 years!

Today, Cody and I got up early in a cold rain (40 degrees) in north Cincinnati and headed toward Forest City, IA to have more work done on the coach (inside stuff this time). We drove about 450 miles and are now in Davenport, IA at a vice rv park. Full hooks even!

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