Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Servicing the Coach at Freightliner

Today, we became acquainted with the Freightliner facility and Gaffney, SC. Since we are being worked into the work schedule here at Freightliner, we knew we needed to be flexible regarding time -- which is fine with us since the campground is nice and the people are friendly. We did take the opportunity to visit the nearby Freightliner manufacturing facility to take the excellent plant tour. This was well worth the 60 minutes invested as I got to see how a chassis starts with raw metal and components and ends up ready to carry a new RV. I even saw a chassis exactly like mine which was very interesting.

Since we are in Gaffney, the peach capitol of SC, we had to stop and see the "peachoid" -- a water tower in the form of a peach. Interesting to say the least.

Our coach entered the service facility today at 1:00 which was great news. Cody and I spent the afternoon in the waiting room and met several other RVers. A nice day all around.

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