Thursday, March 15, 2012

Rick expands RC flying -- into the multipurpose building!

Rick and Orinda have had a great winter -- but have been pretty slack in posting to the blog. Hopefully, Rick will do a better job from here on out. 

We have participated in several activities here at the Old Mill Stream RV park, but perhaps the most unusual has been INDOOR RC flying! The park has a large, multi-purpose building that is used for several things, including flying inside as Rick demonstrates above.

Naturally, we have to fly smaller, lighter planes, such as this Night Vapor, which fly great. We have a number of folks now flying indoors with these aircraft and have a blast. This plane weighs just a couple ounces, yet features full throttle, rudder and elevator control.

Here, Butch, a newer flyer, is flying his Vapor very successfully inside. This is great since even on windy or rainy days, we can fly.

The Vapor is available ready to fly and costs only about $100 with battery, charger and all the needed servos. This is a perfect plane for the RVer as it can fit in almost any rig as we travel.

The slow flight abilities are amazing as Gary shows as he serves as the "carrier" for a Vapor making a very slow approach. The plane is so light that we can easily catch it if needed. It also means that these planes can run into walls, floors, etc. with no damage which means it can fly anywhere. 

How about a quick touch and go from a small board? Hard to believe a bunch of retired guys can have a great time flying around in a small building --but we do!

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