Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Picnic for the E-Fliers at Old Mill Stream

We have had a great season here at the Old Mill Stream RV Resort and have really enjoyed the electric RC Flyers club here at the park. Now that the season is winding down, we decided that the club should have a get together to celebrate a great season.  Here are many of the flyers with a SloStick model that we fly in the park.

Here Jim, Rick and Walt are planning their next plane and enjoying the evening. 

  We were delighted that our wives wanted to come and enjoy the picnic. Of course, we also were delighted that they brought things for dinner!

 Rick was one of the official flight instructors for the club and decided that we should celebrate the accomplishments of the fliers with some "award" certificates. Here, Jim received the award for the best unplugging of the training cord by stepping on it during flight (opps!).

Not to be outdone, Butch received his well earned award for achieving the remarkable feat of flying into various objects such as trees. Fortunately, all our planes are small and lightweight so no damage was done -- except, perhaps to our pride. We had no shortage of certificate worthy events, so everyone seemed to have a great time 

Naturally, there was lots of supervision around the grill. It did seem that there was more supervision than action, but what the heck -- we are retired!

 Dick knows how to relax and wait for dinner to be served. He has done a great job in learning to fly radio control aircraft and is looking forward to next season.

  Dinner is served. We had a great meal and great conversation. Perhaps the best thing about the RV lifestyle are the great folks that we meet. This is a friendly park and we are looking forward to coming again next year.

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