Thursday, June 2, 2011

Visiting Oklahoma City and the Grandkids at the Cowboy Museum

We visited our son's family while in the Oklahoma City area and really enjoyed the chance to see our grandkids. We took the opportunity to attend the Chuck Wagon Festival at the Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum in the area and had a great time. Our grandson was in his glory -- horses and REAL cowboys were everywhere!

There were all kinds of exhibits that appealed to everyone. This was a special kid's area in the museum that allowed all ages to try different saddles. Looks like this little guy found one to his liking!

Of course, there is nothing like the real thing. How many three year olds can say they have actually ridden (OK, sat on) a real, Texas longhorn steer? This was a great opportunity, although the steer looked a bit tired of it all.

Pony rides were another very popular feature of the Chuck Wagon Festival. This pony was named Cisco and, as you can see, is one high spirited steed! Each child was accompanied by a parent and everyone seemed to have a great time. Even the pony seemed happy as he got some oats after every couple of rides.

Not to be outdone, our grand-daughter was excited to get in the act. It looked like she was ready to ride the bull, but at one year, Mom decided she was just a bit young. Still, she figured she was old enough to do anything her older brother could do!

The festival featured many different rides, but the real attraction for most folks was the chance to try different cowboy foods that were prepared over an open fire or a bead of coals in traditional cowboy form.

We also took a quick tour through the museum -- which is spectacular. Not surprisingly, the grandkids were not too excited about this aspect, but put up with it well. This sculpture is the original plaster model for the well know End of the Trail sculpture and was beautiful. We could have easily spent many hours in this great museum.

In addition to the inside exhibits, the museum grounds offered many great exhibits as Orinda found here. We had a great time at the Cowboy Chuckwagon Festival!

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Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

Grandkids and Cowboys makes great combination for a fun time. Having lived in OKC for a few years, I remember the museum well.