Sunday, May 2, 2010

Hilton Head and Harbor Town

We drove down to the Sea Pines Plantation area of Hilton Head which is just a few miles from our RV park. There is a $5 fee to enter the Plantation which is one of the earliest, large developments, dating from the late 50's. Well worth the price of admission. Of course, the famous lighthouse overlooks the entire area.

Harbor Town Marina is a bustling area with many beautiful yachts berthed in the well protected marina. Additionally, there are many shops and restaurants overlooking the port, which made for a great visit.

Naturally, Orinda thought this was a great time for seafood and the Crazy Crab accommodated us well. We had a great lunch and were able to watch as some nice boats entered the harbor.

There is a very nice walkway around the harbor that offers a view from all sides. This is truely a wonderful place to spend an afternoon.

Here, Rick is trying to pick out his new yacht! Dream on, says Orinda, who is very content to stay high and dry in the coach.

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