Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Clock and Watch Museum and a Tour of Harley Davidson

Cody and Rick drove a short distance to the National Watch and Clock Collectors Museum in York, PA and were not very sure what to expect. Were they pleasantly surprised -- this is a great museum!

Even though we are by no means experts in clocks and watches, the history of timekeeping was amazing. The museum is remarkable and starts with the sundial and goes from there. This picture shows a small part of their collection of tall case clocks with many going back to the 1700's. They also describe the various inventors of the movements which was very interesting.

This is a picture of the way clocks used to be made in the 1870 era. Clock makers were considered the elite of factory workers, although we would be dismayed by the long hours these folks normally worked.

Rick was very impressed with these 250 year old clocks. The woodworking of the cases were amazing and yes, they still worked! It was great to hear the chimes as the clocks struck the hour.

York, PA is also home to a number of factories, including this well known one -- Harely-Davidson! The plant offered free tours through the factory and shows how their large motorcycles are built. Starting with the frame, the motorcycles move through the remarkable plant and exit as a ready to run Harley.

This shows a new bike as it is almost done with production. Someone is going to be pretty excited when this shows up.

The plant makes most of the larger Harleys and after the tour, you can inspect them up close. This side-car equipped unit looked pretty sharp -- Cody was thinking he might be able to ride along!

Rick liked this one! He figured he looked pretty good and ready to roll, although Cody had other ideas -- where could he ride? Oh well, we sure enjoyed the tour anyway!

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