Friday, March 19, 2010

Let's Install a TruCenter and hit the road!

We have really enjoyed our Winnebago Tour and overall, it drives great. However, this is one BIG box rolling down the road and wind, road camber, etc. really can move it around. As a result, sometimes it is a real hassle to fight the wheel and keep it going straight. Many have been the times when I wished I could "reset" the steering wheel so it would track straight while in a crosswind. Enter the TruCenter from Blue Ox, seen above. This device is supposed to do exactly what I wanted, according to the BlueOx folks at the recent FMCA rally in Brooksville, FL.

I received the TruCenter from RVupgrades promptly and they did a great job making sure I had the right mounting adaptors. While not a terrible job to install it, you will have to deal with some HIGH torque nuts (above 250 ft. lbs). As you can see above, I was successful in mounting the TruCenter which attaches behind the tie rod.

If you look carefully to the left of the TruCenter, you can see 2 nuts (1 1/8") that attach the axle/airbag mounting to the coach. You will need to remove these two nuts to attach the mounting bracket. The other end attached to the tie rod and was no problem.

I used my trusty 1/2" breaker bar, but knew we would need some extra muscle to remove these nuts. So ---
Enter the 4' cheater bar (3/4" pipe) which allowed me move these nuts rather easily. Leverage is a great tool!

I have now had the chance to use the TruCenter and am delighted to report it works great! Our first day out saw us in some strong crosswinds and what a relief it was to hold the steering wheel steady, press the TruCenter button and bingo, the coach now ran straight! It was great to adjust this while driving. A very nice upgrade.

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Smitty said...

Thanks for the report! I tried to cut a deal with Blue Ox, at the Perry, GA, FMCA rally, but they would not budge off the retail price! I got it on line for $150 less. Just waiting for the weather to warm up a little before I tackle the job. I've got a Tour also, how did you route the wire up in the cab?