Friday, March 26, 2010

Deer creek and Lake Okeechobee

We spent a few days at the Deer Creek RV Resort and had a great time. This park is located in Davenport, FL near I-4. Rick really enjoyed this park since there was a great golf course there and he was able to play a couple times. They are selling lots here and we were able to stay at one to try it out. Nice, as you can see above, but we are going to check a few more spots.

After leaving Davenport, we traveled down to Okeechobee, FL to visit a new RV park called Silver Palms. Part of the tour we took of the area included a great boat tour of the Lake Okeechobee area where we saw some interesting wildlife. Here, Orinda is getting ready to take the tour (the boat is at the left of the picture).

I really enjoyed this great blue heron who gave us a great view of himself taking off. These are BIG birds and I bet the wing span on this guy was at least 5 feet. A beautiful bird.

We also saw a number of large gators. This fellow looked to be about 10' long. I don't think we will be doing much swimming here!

When we came back to the RV park, we were delighted to see this pair of sandhill cranes who apparently nest in this area. You can even see the 2 chicks who are about 2 weeks old. This is the first time I have ever seen baby sandhill cranes. It was amazing to see these large birds stroll through the RV Park as the babies hustle right along nest to them.

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