Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Spending the winter at Haines Creek RV Village

Here is our winter home in Leesburg, FL. We have a nice enough site in a nice, small park that borders the Haines River. We have enjoyed our stay this far in the friendly and quiet park. Plus, we have enjoyed boating in the Lake Harris Chain of lakes, although the last few weeks have been too cold to enjoy the water. We hope this will change soon.

There are many birds around that feast on the fish and wildlife in the area. Ospreys are quite common, but I was thrilled to see this pair of bald eagles who apparently are nesting locally. These are magnificent birds and are wonderful to see as they soar overhead.

We hope to tour the local bird sanctuary if the rains stop to see if we can get a better view of these great birds.

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Margie M. said...

Spotting Bald Eagles in the wild is always so exciting...even the "wilds" of Haines Creek.