Sunday, February 7, 2010

Having a great time at the Brooksville FMCA Rally

One of the many activities at the Brooksville FMCA Rally is the big parade which is always lots of fun. This year, the theme of the Rally focuses on the circus, so clowns were everywhere. Here, Cody wants to show he is ready for the festivities by wearing his Freightliner neckwear!

There were all kinds of things in the parade, but this excellent hotrod really caught Rick's eye. I suspect the owner of this transports it in a trailer behind the motorcoach.

This gives you a little taste of the parade. Literally hundreds of folks participated and to Cody's joy, several tossed out dog treats! We had a great time watching the displays and talking to the many interesting folks who were watching.

The FMCA is an organization for motohome owners and offers many benefits in addition to the rallies. This rally is considered a regional rally for the Southeast. FMCA also hosts much larger national rallies, such as the one we attended in St. Paul in 2008 (a great time as well!).

Finally, we headed back to the coach and Cody was bushed! Here, he relaxes on his pillow and prepares to dream of dog treats.

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squawmama said...

Glad your having such a great time at the rally... We have benn in that parade many times... Have fun & travel safe!!!