Friday, February 20, 2009

RC Flying at Palm Creek

Rick has flown RC aircraft for many years and was very happy to learn that Palm Creek RV park has their own RC field right in the park. The club members fly only electric aircraft, but there is a very wide variety of planes and helicopters being flown.

Rick's favorite aircraft is called a Slo Stick and is very maneuverable, light, yet inexpensive. I have a small, but powerful electric brushless motor installed that will pull this plane literally straight up! I also added ailerons which allow the plane to perform much better in rolling maneuvers.
This shows the Slo Stick, radio and Li-Ion batteries. These batteries allow flights of 20+ minutes, at which point you can change batteries and fly again. This type of plane is perfect for the fulltime RVer!

Here is a model of a Corsair model that flew very well. I would say that about 40% of the models are scale types (models of a specific, real aircraft), while the rest are models of all different kinds. One guy even has a ducted fan electric "jet" which is a spectacular performer. If you get a chance, give this hobby a try!

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