Monday, February 16, 2009

Cody Visits the Dog Play Yards in Palm Creek

Palm Creek is a very nice RV park and has done many things quite well. One thing that we have really appreciated is the creation of a pet area and a non- pet area. The pet area has about 1000 sites and constitutes about half the park. This is a very large area and you are welcome to walk your pet anywhere in the pet zone. They even have special Dog "pot" receptacles to deposit dog waste (and provide new bags to pick up the waste). These are emptied daily and as a result, it is very rare to see any dog refuse around.

Cody might be an oldtimer, but he loves the dog play yards at the park. In fact, he tries to pull us to the yard to go play. When he gets to go, he plays like a puppy! On of his favorite activities is to play with the other dogs. Since he is bigger than most of them, he will lie on his back to play at their level:

It is really amazing how well all the dogs play together and it is very rare to have any disagreement.

Here are a couple of Cody's pal who are thrilled to see him when he comes to the yard.

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