Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Around Palm Creek~

We had some great visitors lately at Palm Creek! Rick took George golfing and Cindy and Caleb helped in the caddy role. The course is beautiful and lots of fun to play, although George learned about the challenge of golf today!

George thought it looked really easy on TV!

Caleb is ready to go. Tiger Woods, look out! 

Here is real trouble. Orinda, George, Caleb, Cindy, Erica and the Wonder Dog, Cody, walking up to our rig.

Golf is not the only thing to do at Palm Creek. Rick and Orinda tried lawn bowling as well. This is surprisingly difficult and interesting since the balls ("bowls") have a built in bias that causes it to break and curve as it is rolled. 

Rick found it fun, but challenging to do well.

We have 

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