Friday, September 26, 2008

Visiting Scout's Rest -- Buffalo Bill's home!

This blog entry starts with a reminder to everyone who tows a car behind their motorhome -- be SURE that the tow car's brake is OFF and the transmission is in neutral! You can see the tire tracks here where the tow car was towed with the rear wheels NOT turning. Bummer! They (NOT US!) towed the car around most of the
RV park before realizing the problem. Hope there was no permanent damage.

We had a great time visiting Scout's Rest which was Buffalo Bill's home in North Platte, NE. This is a beautiful, restored home and ranch that is now run by the Nebraska State Park system and really gives some insight into Buffalo Bill's life. He was perhaps the best known American of his time and an amazing person.

Scout's Rest Ranch is on the north side of North Platte and is really worth a visit. In fact, you will be on the north side of the North Platte river while the South Platte river is just on the south side of the town (which obviously sits in the middle). Buffalo Bill bought several thousand acres here when he came in the 1880's and established the ranch. This was the location that he used when resting between his many Wild West Shows which traveled world wide.

The house is beautiful and full of interesting pictures and artifacts from Bill Cody's life. The barn, which is huge, contains original posters, like the one Rick is standing next to, as well as many other exhibits.

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